What to Give to a Writer As Present?

Sometimes it might be hard to come up with any ideas on what to give as a present to your friends. If your friend is a writer, here are some ideas what you could give. These ideas vary from cheap to expensive, and from things you can do yourself to things you buy.

- What all writers do – or should do – is read, so books are always a good gift. If you are not certain of which books your writer friend has, give a gift card to a book store. Promote the independent, small entrepreneurs in your area.

- There are some wonderful bookmarks and aids to help you keep the book open as you read while needing your hands for something else. Cookbook stand is a great idea for an avid reader.

- Book plates. You could support a local artist by ordering a set of book plates from him/her.

- Book ends.

- There are some books every writer should have, like *Elements of Style’ and a good Thesaurus. Find out what your writer friend has and doesn’t have.

- There are also several books written just to inspire writers, writing calendars, book of days to writers, inspirational quotes about writing and writers.

- Writers use a lot of paper and ink, through a printer or pens. Find out what is your writer friend’s favorite form of writing, and give him/her a gift accordingly.

- If your writing friend has a computer, any electrical information storage devices, as memory sticks, flash drives, CD-RWs, even external hard drives, is always a great idea.

- Most writers, even those who use computers to write love stationary – post-its, notepads, journals, folders, binders, clipboards, pens and pencils, markers, index cards, whiteout… If you don’t have much money, but more time, you can always buy a composition book and decorate the covers. I know I would love such a gift.

- “Self-addressed stamped envelopes”, stamps and address stickers or stamp, for submitting the finished novels, articles and other writings, and small scales for weighing the package.

- A planner and an address book.

- A fridge magnet, key ring, coffee mug, mouse pad, t-shirt with a quote from his/her favorite author or a famous author’s picture.

- There are several craftsmen in Etsy.com creating unique jewelry with typewriter or keyboard keys, laser cut images, medallions and charms that could be a good idea for a writer.

- A subscription to a writing magazine.

- Writers drink a lot of coffee or tea, so a nice package of their favorite coffee or tea with some extras is always appreciated. The “extras” could be flavored syrup, brewing accessories, cups and so on. An insulated mug might be a good idea. I always forget my tea, and it’s cold when I remember to drink it. I don’t like cold tea.

- Many writers get in the flow and forget to eat, so some snacks might be a good idea too. Find out what is the receiver’s favorite; classic cookies, healthy nuts or something else, and go with that. If you cannot find out this, you can choose lollipops and candy canes or rock candy, for the visual impact.

- Writers tend to have cold wrists, so wrist warmers and fingerless gloves are always appreciated, and cold neck too, so a neck warmer, shrug, wrap, cardigan or a long scarf would do too.

- Dealing with paper has a tendency to dry out hands, so a good hand lotion would be a nice addition to the basket.

- You could add some scented candles to help your writer friend to get into mood, or make him/her a playlist or “mixed tape/CD”, according to the receiver’s upgrade level of gadgets.

- A timer.

- A waste paper basket.

- Glass case and/or reading glasses.

- Make a jumpstart jar.

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